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My Fitness Journey

The majority of you will have followed my journey. If you haven’t let me start from the beginning. After entering Geordie shore 9 years ago nothing could have prepared me for the amount of abuse I was about to receive. Every other comment was “fat slag” “fat bitch” “she’d be pretty if she lost weight”. My first 5 years on tv all I could think was “maybe if I’m thin the comments will stop”. I tried EVERYTHING. I created a plan that worked for awhile but with filming Geordie shore multiple times a year it just wasn’t sustainable. I started to try more extreme things such as making myself sick and diet teas/coffees, I even promoted these products naively to my followers which I’m extremely sorry for. I can’t change what I’ve done in the past all I can do is focus on trying to deliver the right message now. After risking my life on a surgeons table and then going back to square one in a matter of weeks, I knew something needed to change. Not just for my body but for my health and well-being.

I started to realise that no matter what I weighed (I’d fluctuated between a size 8 and size 16 during this time) people were always going to find something negative to say. I realised I wasn’t the issue, my weight wasn’t the issue, THEY WERE THE ISSUE! It didn’t matter so much about my weight anymore I just wanted to be healthy and the best version of me. Because that’s what I deserve. I felt lazy, my anxiety was at an all time high and I just wanted to make a change, for nobody else but me this time. I discovered Tyler on Instagram and couldn’t believe the transformation pictures. These girls lifted weights!! HEAVY WEIGHTS! They didn’t just walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes until they were bored. We set fitness goals rather than weight loss goals. We aimed for full press-ups, heavier weights and before I knew it my body was changing with it. I was stronger, fitter, faster and healthier.

Seeing the community that has been built at real life, I thought to myself “I wonder how different live would be had I met Tyler 9 years ago”.

I want EVERYONE to learn his way, I want everyone to have access to his knowledge and expertise and actually learn the right ways.

Which is why I asked Tyler to create this plan. With tailored nutrition to everyone’s specific needs. For the first time in my life I FINALLY feel in control of my body and mind. I hope you all love this plan, This has changed my life and I hope it can change yours too.



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My Bio

Holly Hagan is a UK reality star who shot to fame on MTVs hit tv show “Geordie shore” and is currently staring in MTVs “Geordie OGs”. Holly has channeled her passion for makeup into creating an independent makeup line aimed at being high quality and affordable. It’s no secret that Holly has suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. This lead her to create a line of CBD products with the aim of helping others in the same position.

Holly is currently on a fitness journey which has seen her transform not only her body but also her mind. Posting her fitness sessions to IGTV and youtube praising her trainer Tyler for changing her life. Through many years of trolling and abuse for the way she looked and her weight, Holly now uses these experiences to help others and is currently the ambassador of one of the UKs largest anti bullying charities “ditch the label” which is a charity close to her heart. Holly is currently working on presentations to take into schools to speak about bullying, online abuse, social pressures and much more. Sharing her own experiences with the hope of educating children up and down the UK.

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